Price of forklifts in Tashkent

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Characteristics of backhoe loader

A backhoe loader is a self-propelled vehicle mainly required for grabbing, lifting, carrying, stacking goods, and performing construction work. The machine is well adapted to difficult working conditions.
There are two types of excavator loaders, depending on the type of load:
* Forklifts – used for operations with a single load;
* Bucket – a type of transport specifically for working with bulk materials and products.

There are single-bucket and multi-bucket excavators and loaders. Single buckets are mainly used for working with gravel, sand, soil, garbage and other similar bulk materials. Bucket loaders can be described as a continuous operation machine. Such machines combine several functions, such as moving bulk cargo using several buckets. Backhoe loaders, which have retractable booms, are in particular demand in agriculture.
All excavator loaders are equipped with a variety of working parts, for example, manipulators for working with long and large piece cargo. At a good price for a loader in Uzbekistan, you can buy machines with a diesel, electric or gasoline engine, which are divided into vehicles with internal combustion engines and electric.