Crawler excavators

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Characteristics of crawler excavators

Crawler excavator – performs heavy work efficiently and is the most popular earth moving equipment. A distinctive feature of a crawler excavator from a conventional excavator is the caterpillar track, due to which the equipment moves. A crawler excavator includes: a chassis, a cabin and a working element – a bucket. This type of excavator is distinguished by its versatility and high maneuverability. This is a good alternative for industries that need to carry out large-scale excavation work while saving time and labor resources.

Advantages of crawler excavators

A special feature of this type of excavator is its increased cross-country ability, which helps to move steadily across terrain and dirt roads. They can also move the working element with a rotation of 360 degrees. Crawler excavators are distinguished by their efficiency under heavy loads and tolerance of harsh climatic conditions. Excavators of this type easily overcome difficult terrain, climbing the steepest slopes.
The use of crawler excavators allows you to move freely on any type of soil: loose, viscous, weak, swampy. They are all-season and universal for any region, thanks to which they replace other types of transport that are not capable of traveling on extreme off-road conditions. At the same time, a crawler excavator is a complex structure that includes numerous units, which helps to efficiently remove soil, which may even be under a layer of water.
Depending on the attachments, you can perform: digging trenches and pits, demolishing objects, destroying hard surfaces, gnawing bulk materials, etc.

Main characteristics of crawler excavators

With the help of tracks, the car moves in space. Their number in different models is determined by operating conditions (2, 4, and 8). Ribbons come in different lengths and widths. The number of tracks in it varies from 43 to 53 units. Maximum speed of movement – 5.5 km/h; bucket capacity – from 0.8 to 1 m3; unloading height – 618.1 cm; maximum digging depth is 665.5 cm.