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Customer support service

If you want to leave feedback about visiting the company or about the quality of services provided by the service department of JV “UzXCMG” LLC, please contact the customer service. We will definitely help you 95-621-21-91 or marketing_ jv@uzxcmg.uz.

Technical maintenance (MRO) is performed in accordance with the schedule of MRO given in the service book attached to your machine. Frequency of maintenance depends on the model and category of operation. Maintenance is carried out according to the schedule of the category of operation, which was established by the production department at the time of warranty registration.

The warranty period for the equipment is set by the manufacturer at the time of purchase and is specified in the purchase contract. If there is a malfunction of the equipment during operation it is necessary to contact the marketing and service department of “UzXCMG” by the above mentioned contacts. The marketing and service department will organize the departure of the repair team. In case of confirmation of the fact of presence of defects and discrepancies arisen due to the fault of the Manufacturer, the Act is drawn up between the parties, and the Manufacturer within 30 working days from the moment of drawing up the Act eliminates the revealed defects or replaces the part or unit.
Attention! Service book is an important document and its presence is one of the mandatory requirements when making a decision on warranty repair of the equipment.
If you have lost the Service book you should contact the marketing and service department of “UzXCMG”, and you can buy a form of service book.
Service cycle of the equipment and the list of fuel and lubricants recommended for use in units and assemblies of “UzXCMG” equipment.



From the moment UzXCMG products are delivered to customers, the warranty periods are defined in the following order:

  • 12 months / 1000 hours – Excavators;
  • 12 months / 1000 hours – Bulldozers;
  • 12 months / 1000 hours – Loaders;
  • 12 months / 1000 hours – Lifting cranes;
  • 12 months / 1000 hours – Road-building machinery;
  • 12 months / 1000 hours – Dump trucks (mining machines);

whichever of the circumstances occurs first, subject to compliance with the requirements, as well as the rules of storage, operation and maintenance set forth in the “Operation Manual” and “Service Book”.

During the warranty period of operation and running time, the manufacturer shall eliminate manufacturing defects of the sold equipment free of charge and replace all its component parts that have prematurely failed due to the manufacturer’s fault.

The warranty is supported in any region of Uzbekistan and abroad, warranty service is provided by the manufacturer during the entire warranty period.

The warranty period does not apply to malfunctions or damage for the following reasons:

1. the operation and maintenance is not carried out in accordance with the “Operation and Maintenance Manual”.

2. Continued operation after defects are discovered.

3. Overloading.

4. Improper repairs or unauthorized retrofitting.

5. Inappropriate repairs and use of inappropriate parts and fuels.

6. Unintended design modification.

7. Routine maintenance not performed in accordance with the “Operation and Maintenance Manual”:

  • Cleaning or replacing various air, fuel and oil filters.
  • Adjusting the engine, clutch (frequency) and other necessary parts.
  • Fastening various components and bolts.

8. Natural wear and tear:

Shock absorbers, seals, hoses, glass, pads, fuel, oil, antifreeze, refrigerant, fan belt, compressor belts, fasteners, filters, filter bulbs, fuses, wires and cables, cigarette lighter, mirrors, fingers, bushings, grease, cogs, tracks, etc..

9. Other accidents (not machine defects) such as traffic accidents, fires and other natural disasters.

10. Damage to the meter.

11.Parts that have been adjusted and customized, prior to delivery to the customer, have been removed and damaged.

12. Other unreasonable requests.


Purchase (payment and delivery terms)

Delivery of the Technics is made on the conditions of self-delivery from the warehouse at the factory, by the Buyer’s forces and means. In case of shipment of finished products from our side, the Buyer shall reimburse all expenses.

Delivery of the Equipment shall be made within 90 (ninety) banking days from the date of payment by the Buyer in the amount of not less than 50% of the cost of payment by money transfer.

The Buyer undertakes to make the remaining part of the payment to the Manufacturer within 10 (ten) banking days from the date of receipt of the notification of the Manufacturer’s readiness to make the shipment.

In case of transportation of equipment by railway transport, shipment and fastening of finished products to the railway rolling stock shall be carried out by us according to the scheme developed by our specialists.